Libra's Desserts

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$3.50 (min 3)

$42.00/1 dozen


"Rocky" - Oatmeal Crust with a layer of butterscotch and topped with marshmallows, peanuts, chocolate chips and cookie crumble

Lemon - A crust made of a buttery shortbread and the filling is a tangy refreshing beautifully balanced sweet lemon curd

$3.00 (min 3)

$36.00/1 dozen

Rice Crispy Treats - Home-style classic - a buttery, sticky, gooey rice crispy treat for all ages

Brownies - This brownie is to live for and have it 3 ways - Classic, with Marshmallows and Caramel or Classic with nuts (walnuts or pecans)

  • Oatmeal, Marshmallows, peanuts, butterscotch
  • Lemon filling with a buttery shortbread crut
    Lemon Bar
  • marshmallows
    Rice Krispies
  • Brownie



$2.00 each

$18/ 1 dozen


Chocolate Chip - Deliciously rich made with Ghirardelli chocolate and will be hard to share.

Brownie Cookies - A cookie that has our delicious decadent chocolaty brownie taste with chocolate chips.

Corinne - A rich sophisticated cookie that has cranberries, white chocolate chips, cinnamon, pecans and cranberries. 

Peanut Butter - Creamy and gooey peanut butter cookies that will compliment any glass of milk.

Oatmeal Raisin - These are cookie that will remind you of the best cookie you have ever had...this is a soft and hearty oatmeal cookie with fresh juicy raisins. Like a hug from within...Enjoy!




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