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Che's House

We are proud to announce that our proceeds will be going towards funding a cause called Che's House.  This Group was created to allow parents of special needs children and adults to be pampered and treated to outings such as concerts, golf, massages and date nights.  Basically, allowing these parents to take the load off and remember that even though we are parents we are also people who deserve to play just as hard as we work.

A little background on how this group came to be....I am the proud mother to an awesome 17 year old autistic young man named Che.  Quite a few times we thought Che was not going to pull through some challenging times but with many prayers from our small family and friends, Che has championed every time.  Che was born at home (in my mother's bed) at 26 weeks gestation.  He was a whopping 1 (one) pound 10 (ten) ounces, 13 (thirteen) inches long.  They told us that he would never be able to do anything for himself such as walk, talk, play and would likely be a vegetable.  The doctor did not believe that after two months on a respirator, he would be able to breath on his own.  Well folks, I am proud to say that Che pulled through with flying colors...take that Doc.  :) After years of intense seizures and more than a handfuls of brain surgeries, needless to say it has been a learning experience and the knowledge acquired was and is not taken for granted. 

So fast forward to the present, I was looking for a support group for parents with teenage/adult children.  I found a lot of groups but they were more created for families of early aged children.  I also noticed that there were no groups that focused just on the needs of the parents.  As a parent of any child, we sometimes focus so much on what the children need that we do not take care of ourselves and I was always told that the best way to stay health and young looking and feeling is a lot of laughter.  So I figured why not give people a reason to get out of those sweats and put on some  fancy duds and step out for some respite and re-energizing time with people that "get it"; and you do not have to apologize or explain for the millionth time what happened and why your child is the way he/she is and why he/she makes noises instead of talking...At Che's house you can just come and relax and have some laughs.

So now, we have this fantastic activity group and our proceeds go towards treating a parent to some much needed fun; whether for just a cup of coffee or a night out on the town.  Ask how you can help, whether by donating your time or services to contribute to the success of these events, we thank you in advance. Call me at (916) 833-5346 or email at [email protected]

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