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Quotes My favorites Quotes
Debbie Mallory
Lemon Bars

Quotes I just served these at a business meeting. Awesome!! Quotes
Ann M. Byrd-Houston
Turtle Tarts

Quotes Hi, girls, this Estrellita "Lita" I met you yesterday at Mercy, I used to work at EDD as a Student Assistant. I just loved the Valentine Velvet Cake, first time eating velvet cake, don't laugh, but it was fabulous!!! I will keep in touch and support your functions just let me know!!! Quotes
Estrellita Saldate-Slade

Quotes I love love love your desserts! If I could, I'd eat them non stop! Especially, well, ALL OF THEM, TO BE EXACT! Quotes
Cat Burch Hay

Quotes I had the privilege of sharing the Libra's Desserts gift basket at a large family gathering this past Thanksgiving Day. Throughout the day everyone was excited to try these visually pleasing treats, and once the main meal was finished, we decided to try all of them by dividing tarts, bars, cookies so that we could relish in the flavor of each. Needless to say, the shortbread crust was perfection on the tarts and the fillings were all unique, fresh and flavorful. I have always loved the cookies and now so does my family. The bars are simply delicious and the texture outstanding.! Libra's Desserts uses quality ingredients which is why the desserts appeal to your senses. Visually they are beautifully made and packed in a gift basket which I have used several times since to place snacks while entertaining. Thank you Libra's Desserts for making my family holiday a success with desserts which showed the "Love, & Attention to Detail" placed in the preparation and pres Quotes
Lysandra Williams

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